Tou Xiong is our MN State Representative!

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A Vote for Tou is a Vote for You!

Campaign Video Ad Transcript:

Hello, my name is Tou Xiong and I am running to be the next State Representative for House District 53A! For our campaign, my motto is “A Vote for Tou is a Vote for You! And I believe this holds true because it represents all the values that I learned while growing up here in 53A. And I believe that the work I will do as your next state representative will reflect the needs and concerns of our neighbors here.

I believe that slight changes to policy priorities and bipartisanship can create more opportunities, bring more jobs and bring progress for all Minnesotans here. For this election, my campaign aims to promote education, affordable healthcare and opportunities for all Minnesotans! I want to be the next voice for House District 53A because I want to continue the work that I have been doing for our district. For the past 14 years, I worked as a community volunteer, a city councilmember and now as a state house candidate. 

Today I am proud to receive the support of teachers, laborers and healthcare workers. And I look to fight for everyday Minnesotans at the State Capitol. And I intend to work with individuals from both political parties. Our district and our great state of Minnesota is more important than being about red or blue. It is about coming together and getting work done to create a better tomorrow. 

Therefore, I hope to earn your vote on Tuesday, November 6.  Thank you.